On the plane-comfortable travel clothes



The flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg (Delta) is a staggering 16+ hours, earning it the title of longest nonstop flight. So how to prepare for this ridiculous amount of time stuck in a metal tube with several hundred others?

First, load your ereader and/or tablet with books and games. Bring a notebook for doodling and some of your favorite music.  [noise cancelling headphones recommended, but they take up a lot of space if you’re restricted on luggage as we are on safari] Lotion, lip balm and a refreshing spray will help you feel comfortable. Bring along a large water bottle and drink from it continuously. I add some Gatorade or Emergen-C powder to keep the electrolytes in balance. Take a sleep aid if needed, but stay away from alcohol which will only dehydrate you.

And be sure to dress comfortably-

  1. A DYNY cozy is a travel must. This cashmere blend wrap is soft, warm and can be worn in over a dozen ways during your trip. For the flight I wear it loose over a flowing white shirt. Before landing I can wrap it into a stylish jacket. [It’s worth a trip to an outlet mall to pick up the cozy at a greatly reduced price!]
  2. Leggings work well as they’re comfortable and won’t restrict. These are from Vera Wang and are actually attractive and well priced.
  3. Top this off with a versatile scarf, comfortable shoes and a pair of slippers to encourage some sleep.

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