Disneyworld 2013

Rebecca and TJ treated us to a long weekend in Disneyworld! They were traveling to Florida for a friend’s wedding and decided to take little Sienna to meet her favorites, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

We decided to stay at an off-site villa, a Sheraton Vistana. It was really perfect for us, with two bedrooms and baths, a full kitchen, living room and enclosed porch. The resort included 3 large pools, with the one right outside our room complete with water slides and a pirate ship. Lots of fun for all of us.



We took Sienna into the Magic Kingdom early the first morning. She was wide-eyed with wonder at the colors and excitement. When the parade started down Main Street, Sienna was the first to start dancing.

At only 18 months, most of the rides were too old for Sienna. But like her cousin, Sienna was mesmerized on the Small World ride. We were first in the boat and she stood throughout the whole ride, dancing and smiling the whole time!

The older members of the family enjoyed Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and the rest of the “thrill” rides. We had a quick lunch in Tomorrowland (Tomorrowland is looking a little more like Yesterdayland. Time for an update!)

After a long day, we were happy to return home to the Vistana where we made a simple supper and relaxed.

Disney Food and Wine Festival


Next day, on to Epcot. Our first stop was at Character Spot near the main entrance in Future World. Sienna was so excited to see Mickey Mouse that she squealed and clawed the ground trying to get to Mickey while in line. When at last it was her turn, she dashed half way up to Mickey, then froze when she realized how LARGE he was. Rebecca was able to coax her to approach but Sienna held on tight to her Mom. Very cute!

We were lucky to be in Epcot for the International Food and Wine festival. This very popular event runs for 6 weeks in the Fall. Nearly 30 countries were represented with kiosks selling samples of food and wine (~$1 – $4) TJ put it best when he said that the Magic Kingdom was for Sienna and the day in Epcot was for us.  We circled the lake, sampling wine, saki, and lots of delicious treats.  It was a great festival to catch at Epcot. We’d made a reservation for the Biergarten for dinner and decided to go ahead with that as planned. In retrospect,  though the food was good, it was a waste. We were all tired and pretty full from all the tastings. We should have stuck with the festival food.


Third day, we headed to Typhoon Lagoon for a day of water and relaxation. Dave and I love water rides so we thoroughly enjoyed the giant wave pool and the water slides. Sienna was happy to splash in the fountains and have a more laid back day.

A short visit with a little one, but perfect!

Grandparent Advice: Get off the Disney property. The commute time (~20 minutes) was well worth it when we had a place to relax and make our own food at the end of
a hectic day.


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