Packing for Safari

Suitcases are packed but not yet zipped. 🙂 We’ve laid out our clothes, removed all but the essential and STILL have too much to fit into a small duffle. The issue is that we’re heading to safari camps as well as the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. The nights will be cool and the days hot. We need comforts items for overseas flights and ponchos for Victoria Falls.

Download our Safari Packing List 

First up on our lists:


  • Passport with at least 4 blank pages – add a scanned copy of the passport to another bag and email a copy to yourself
  • Yellow Fever inoculation certificate – scan this as well as you need it to enter South Africa
  • Tickets & travel vouchers
  • Travel Insurance information

Gear and Gadgets – (see Travel Gear: African Safari for more information)

  • Camera with telephoto lens – Africa will be dusty, so it’s important to minimize the number of lens changes
  • Binoculars
  • iPad or small laptop to review and backup images
  • Plugs, adaptors and chargers for all above
  • Flashlight
  • Money belt or similar security stash

Health and First Aid

  • Malarone – malaria pills
  • Compression socks for DVT prevention
  • Bug spray
  • Prescription medicine – leave in labeled bottles if possible. Or take a copy of your prescription with you.


In Dave’s duffle bag:

Dave's safari packing

  1. 1 pair khakis and 1 sweater for dinners out
  2. 1 pair of shorts and 1 bathing suit
  3. 2 polo shirts and 3 tees in earth tones
  4. 2 button down shirts
  5. 2 safari style long sleeve shirts treated with insect repellant
  6. Windbreaker (Magellan) and Scottevest tech fleece with removable arms
  7. Photo vest with insect shield (Exofficio)
  8. 2 pairs of convertible pants (Columbia)

In Amy’s bag:

Amy's safari packing

  1. Windbreaker with removable sleeves (Scottevest)
  2. Fleece treated with permethrin (Exofficio)
  3. 4 tees
  4. 2 scarves – one for safari, one for plane and dressing up
  5. Wrap cardigan (DKNY cozy)
  6. 2 lightweight, convertible pants treated with permethrin (Columbia and Mountain Hardwear)
  7. 2 safari shirts (Exofficio)
  8. Casual tops
  9. Silky dress-up tops
  10. Safari hat (Sunday Afternoon)
  11. 1 dress (Tommy Bahama), 1 skirt, 1 travel pants (Travelsmith)

Safari Packing ListDownload our Safari Packing List 


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