Perfect timing for our Cape Town adventure

The last two days in Cape Town, a fog has hung over Table Mountain and the mountain was closed to visitors. But this morning dawned sunny and clear so we had breakfast and caught a taxi to the mountain. Stephanie at 2inn1 was able to purchase our tickets online but we’d been advised that we’d still have a long wait for the gondola. (There is usually a 1-2 hour wait for tickets and a similar queue for the gondola), Amazingly enough, we passed through the building and were able to board the first car available.

This was a good and bad thing for me, because in addition to being a gondola hanging off a cliff, the gondola rotated. A bit scary, though the signs indicating Swiss manufacturing comforted me.

The trip was worth it. The mountain was absolutely amazing.
There are trails all over the top of the mountain and we loved walking at our leisure exploring. This we wouldn’t have been able to do if we’d gone up with a guide. We had a cup of tea and gazed out over the sea and the city.

This city is beyond words. To have mountains surrounding the town and its gorgeous beaches and harbor is just spectacular. The people are friendly and helpful. We’ve taken cabs all over the city and often get the card of the driver for our return trip. (Sport Cabs are the best!) They are invariably punctual and charming. All so justifiably proud of their city.

Upon leaving the mountain we headed to Camps Bay, a suburb on the ocean. We walked the beach, marveling at the impressive surf and the brave surfers, before having a Japanese lunch at Imo’s, looking over the water. We took our time soaking up the ambiance of this beautiful place before returning to our hotel.

Rhino Tripping picked us up at 5 and drove us to Wellington, our next destination. We had barely left the suburbs of Cape Town before we passed through farmlands and vineyards. Our driver commented on how the embargo during Apartheid had actually helped the country become self sufficient. (This was the second time we’d heard about the embargo having a positive effect. Rob D., our guide of two days ago, made a small fortune during that time as his family had a monopoly in the clothing business.)

We left the highway, drove through a small downtown area and then along a long dirt road before arriving at the Grand Dedale – a hotel no one has ever heard of!!!!

The house we’re in was built around 1740, making it older than the US. It is very pretty but very remote. Not sure what we’ll be able to do here but relax. Maybe that’s what we need after all these days of excitement…


One thought on “Perfect timing for our Cape Town adventure

  1. I don’t think your Dad would have liked the gondola ride….I probably would have tried it ,but like Dad , I am not crazy about heights….sounds like you guys are having a great trip.

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