Wardrobe Basics for the ‘Mature’ Traveler

Pack light by choosing neutrals and multifunctional clothing
There are so many great options out there! I took a DKNY cozy on our South African trip. It was perfect on the long flight, serving as sweater and blanket in one. I reached for it again in the cool evenings on safari and in Cape Town. It was dressy enough for the dining room, yet soft and easy to wear.
Roll up safari shirts were used daily on that trip, but I suspect they’ll stay home most of the time. I do pack my Prana monarch convertible pantsoften. They fit well (slim fit) and don’t look any different than regular khakis. Plus its great to have zippered pockets when traveling. For a multi-use top I recommend the Evolve Top by Encircled. It’s a slouchy drape neck shirt which reverses to boat neck – with three different sleeve options!
I have packed a Patagonia Kamala Convertible Dress  on many trips. As a ‘mature’ woman, I wear it as a skirt or swimsuit cover-up, but it’s nice to have the option of wearing it as a dress. Perhaps with a DKNY cozy on top??  I am looking into two amazing options for my next adventure – the Limitless Dress from Emami (a silky wrap that converts from dress to wrap to harem pants!) and the Chrysalis Cardi from Encircled (scarf to wrap to simple dress – fewer options but substantially lighter in weight)
This neutral palette can be livened up with accessories of any color and will serve you well from Paris to the Grand Canyon. But if there’s room in your luggage, allow yourself a favorite item or two. A bright colored dress or graphic tee will be a nice change from the “Basic” wardrobe.


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