New York Biking Weekend

Five Boro Bike Tour 2015

This weekend, the first weekend in May, we traveled to New York for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, a 40 mile ride through the streets and over the bridges of NYC. Dave had done this years ago when the tour first began in the city, but for the rest of us it was the first time and a bit intimidating.  The tour starts at the tip of Manhattan where we joined 32,000 other cyclists packed shoulder to shoulder on the streets of the city. All helmets bedecked with the official TD helmet cover. It was obvious that we should have packed something to adorn our helmets to make each other recognizable during the ride.
It was an amazing day. The ride was not fast, at least not for those of us in the third wave of the day. Just a great day of biking through the city. We biked up Manhattan through Central Park, wheeled just a bit into the Bronx, before heading over to Brooklyn, Queens until finally we crossed the Verrazano bridge onto Staten Island. Having a long uphill climb on the bridge at the end of 40 miles was tough, but the glide down was oh so sweet.

Packing for a weekend in New York City can be challenging. The casual clothes of a New England librarian/birdwatcher/grandmother just don’t cut it in the Big City. So we need to step it up a notch while anticipating weather variables and planned activities.


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