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For the last six year, Rhino Africa has won the World Travel Award winner for Africa’s Leading Safari Company (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018) This is great validation for what we already knew based on our experience with the company in 2014.

When we decided to take the ultimate trip – an African Safari – we  researched all available options. We were traveling with friends who had taken a group tour to Kenya a few years earlier. So we looked into group tours, private tours, and even into organizing a trip on our own. This last option was quickly eliminated as we realized the logistics of traveling in Africa.

Our wish was to travel for three weeks with one week in Cape Town between the weeks of safari. And we wanted to visit the Okavango Delta, which was not included in most of the group tours. But perhaps what led us primarily to chose a tailor-made trip was our desire to do what we wanted, not what the tour group might want. We had no desire to visit diamond mines or do a lot of shopping. We wanted to concentrate our time in nature. So we decided to contact Rhino Africa based on online reviews.

brochure page featuring LondoloziOur consultant Renee Johnston was knowledgeable and remarkably patient. The four of us had lots of opinions and requests that Renee cheerfully accommodated through 3 or 4 written quotes. She tactfully gave suggestions on timing and lodging which we generally took.

We received a beautiful brochure of our own custom tour with each quote. Photos were included of each lodging and every bit of included and excluded cost was clearly presented. The cost of the trip was much lower than packaged tours with similar properties – another plus for Rhino Africa!

A Glitch in the Plans!

Six weeks out from our trip, our traveling companions had to cancel due to illness! We were truly stunned and concerned about taking this complicated trip alone. Renee assured us that we could cancel if necessary (we had travel insurance), but that we needn’t worry about the logistics. Rhino Africa would be there for transfers, etc. We decided to trust her and go ahead on our own.

Journey of a Lifetime Begins with a Single Step

It is only when you take a trip that you discover the potential pitfalls, mistakes, and challenges, etc. So it was with this trip. We flew into Johannesburg and were immediately surrounded by lots of ‘helpful’ people who could guide us to our hotel. But Renee had stressed that our hotel was just across from the terminal and we were to walk to it. How relieved we were to see the Intercontinental Airport Sun as we departed the baggage area. Another passenger on our flight looked back at us enviously as she was swarmed by the ‘helpful’ crowd. Next morning we were off to Zambia – again with a short walk across the street.

Sunset on the ZambeziThere are benefits to group tours – having a designated leader to assist you, and making friends along the way. These benefits are not as important on a safari. We were picked up at the Livingston airport by Biswell, our ranger guide from Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma. We were introduced to other guests at mealtimes and around the boma, but mostly we were with Biswell. He took us on sunset boat rides on the Zambezi, and game drives in the nearby park. We spent one day at Victoria Falls where Biswell took us across the river to Zimbabwe where he handed us over safely to another guide. We were never left on our own, except at our most excellent high tea at the Victoria Falls hotel – heaven! (reserved by the staff of Sanctuary Sussi and Chuma)

Getting from Zambia to Botswana was more of a challenge – and an exercise of faith in Rhino Africa. Biswell drove us to the Kazungula ferry crossing, where we crossed in a small boat to Botswana. We were assured they’d be a man on the opposite shore who’d take us to the airport. Admittedly we were anxious. We had no tickets for the transfer, nor tickets for the flight to the Okavango Delta. But there was indeed a man who did indeed take us to the airport where we boarded a tiny plane to the delta. Our new guide met us at the airstrip and a chorus of singers greeted us as we arrived at Sanctuary Baines. Delightful!

Our remaining transfers went perfectly as well. The only disappointment in the itinerary was a lodge we had insisted on in South African wine country. It was a 5 star property that turned out to be far from any town or restaurant. We were stuck there for three nights, with one day of wine touring in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Our fault – not Rhino Africa’s. Renee had tried to dissuade us from choosing that location.

We ended the trip at Londolozi which was, without question, the most luxurious of our lodges. Again, we were delighted that Renee and Rhino Africa had organized the itinerary so that we’d be there last.

Our thanks and highest praise to Rhino Africa for a most incredible adventure! We look forward to traveling again with the help of Rhino Africa! Kenya and Tanzania this September!!

To sum up our experience with Rhino Africa:

Pros –

  1. ability to chose exactly what we wanted to do,
  2. all transfers went exactly as planned,
  3. cost much better than packaged tours with identical accommodations,
  4. experienced travel experts recommended the right accommodations for us, in the best order for enjoyment.

Cons –

  1. a packaged group tour offers companionship for the trip which is always nice, especially during transfers and travel days.
  2. no frills for booking, no ‘free’ duffel bags or luggage tags. (not an issue for us!)

For more information on how we prepare for this ultimate adventure, visit –

This article may contain referral links.  TravelingTulls received no compensation from Rhino Africa or any of the properties visited. 



Choosing a travel company for our African Safari

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