Pack Lighter (and smarter) with Stylebook

Making a packing list is the tried-and-true way to ensure you have everything you need for your trip. But how many times have you brought home unworn clothes or found you’d left an essential wardrobe piece behind?

I admit to being a packing nerd – constantly in search for the perfect bag and the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe. And after many years I’ve finally settled on some travel friendly clothes that allow me to go carry-on only.

  1. Choose neutral clothing with one or two highlight colors.
  2. Look for a signature item that coordinates with your colors – a handbag, scarf, or piece of jewelry.
  3. Plan outfits using the clothing you’ve chosen. Ideally, every top should match every bottom so mixing and matching is easy.
  4. A week before your trip try on your outfits. Look for anything that needs mending but, most importantly, look for outfits that don’t flatter or are uncomfortable. (take photos, if possible. Sometimes you see yourself better in a picture than a mirror!)
  5. Winnow down your list until you are convinced you have all you need but nothing more.

All this is much easier if you use a packing app like Stylebook. It takes some time to set up this app. You will need to upload images of your travel clothes and use these images to make outfits. But once you’ve created your ‘closet’, you can use it for every trip. (AND you can use the app to track the outfits you wear daily or for special occasions. Add notes to your outfits to help from repeating looks for similar events.)

For my trip to Amsterdam –Planning outfits with Stylebook

  1. I chose black and white with blue and pink accent colors
  2. I packed a signature item – a Diane Kroe carry-on cozy which can serve as a scarf, skirt, or cardigan. My cozy is in a limited edition print that coordinates with all my colors.
  3. Used Stylebook to mix and match my items into outfits
  4. Tried on the outfits, took a few selfies, and discarded items that were unflattering.
  5. Settled on a perfect combination – 8 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 sweaters, a fleece, and my carry-on cozy

I added versatility by choosing two tops and bottoms that offer multiple styling options. And chose fabrics that are quick drying and odor resistant. (avoid cotton as it takes forever to dry)

Stylebook does have a built in checklist you can use for your packing, but I actually use a different app (Packing Pro) once I’ve settled on clothing. Packing Pro allows me to enter weight value (and price) to items in my general packing list so I can avoid overweight luggage. Again it takes a while to set up but can be used over and over. Once I’m on my trip I’ll reset this packing list and check off items as they’re worn. Back home, I reevaluate and make notes in Stylebook.

My Amsterdam Stylebook Infographic:

infographic from Stylebook

How do you plan your travel outfits? Do you have any clothing items you bring on every trip?

Packing for a trip with the #stylebook app makes your trip prep easy. Use an app to organize your #travelwardrobe

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