A Merino Wool Sweater for Comfortable Travel: review of Wooland Landmark Cardigan

An essential on every packing list is a light sweater. Even when you’re traveling to a warm destination, you will want to have a cardigan available for chilly flights, excessive AC, or just a cool evening. And if you’re like me, trying to pack light, you’ll want to choose a lightweight and versatile sweater! That’s why I reached out to Wool& to ask about their merino wool Landmark Cardigan.

We received the Landmark Cardigan for review from Wool&. This post includes affiliate links. We may earn a small commission at no additional expense to you if you purchase something or take an action on one of these links. This is how we are able to run this website. We suggest items we have enjoyed and hope you will too. DISCLOSURE

I have been wearing Wool& merino wool dresses for a while and have been impressed by the comfort, quality and ease of care. The company gifted me the black Landmark Cardigan and it has surpassed my expectations! I have been wearing it almost every day since I received it in June!

About me: I’m in my late sixties. 5’6″ with a generous :), athletic build. I tend to dress for comfort rather than fashion, but like to look put together. I love travel, time with grandkids, the outdoors, and have little interest in doing laundry!1

About the Wool& Landmark Cardigan:

Photo of Wool& Landmark Cardigan from website.

Fabric: 78% ultrasoft merino wool, 22% nylon

Style: Open Cardigan (no buttons)

Features: Pockets, Long length

Item weight (large size) – 11 oz

Price: $148 USD

Available Colors: Black, Washed Navy, Gray Heather

Is This Design for You?

The Landmark Cardigan is long – more tunic length than your average cardi. It’s perfect for women who like tummy and hip coverage. Perfect for me! but maybe not you if you like a more fitted sweater.

Why Pack this Merino Wool Cardigan on Your Next Trip?

At 12 ounces (.34 kg) this cardigan is almost half the weight of my former go-to travel wrap. That in itself recommends this as a capsule wardrobe winner!

But there’s more:


The fabric maintains its structure, so works beautifully as a blazer. Great for the business traveler! Or perfect to keep in your work area when you’re not traveling.

But the fabric is light enough that you can tie the ends for a casual look over jeans!

(In both pictures I’m wearing a Wool& lapis blue Camellia swing dress.)

Easy Care

Merino wool has some almost ‘magical’ features – it’s warm when you’re cold and yet won’t overheat you on a warmer day. It’s also wrinkle resistant.

But the big selling point for travelers is the odor resistance of merino wool. Wear an item all day, leave it to air out at night, and you’ll find it fresh the next morning. My Landmark Cardigan has been washed once since I received it!

Note: Wool& recommends washing in cold water and hanging to dry. I usually roll the merino wool item in a towel to absorb most of the moisture before drying it flat (if possible)


I’m off on my first trip in a long time and I’ll be wearing my Wool& Landmark Cardigan. I know I’ll enjoy the warmth on the long flight and will reach for it most evenings at my destination.

I’d love to see Wool& design another cardigan with buttons or a zip closure. A slightly shorter sweater would appeal to more women, and I’d love to see more, lighter, color choices.

Merino Wool Landmark Cardigan review. Pin for later

4 thoughts on “A Merino Wool Sweater for Comfortable Travel: review of Wooland Landmark Cardigan

  1. I have been hearing such amazing reviews of products made from merino wool and the fact that it is sustainable is a game-changer. Lovely to know about a new brand and that it is so handy and useful to you.

  2. This was a helpful review-I really like the cut and length of this sweater.

    great ideas on the capsule wardrobe post as well, I aspire for my closet to look that sleek.

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