About the Tulls

Amy and Dave share their insights into Bucket List destinations, packing shortcuts, and travel gear. They relish all their travel adventures, but focus on active and luxury travel after 50. Photography, literature, and wildlife are their top motivators in choosing a trip.

Our Favorite Places: Top 10s and Still to Do

From Amy:

AfterΒ a couple of health battles in 2007-2008 we adopted the Carpe Diem philosophy. Seize the day! Make each moment count! Five years later, we decided to Carpe Mundum – Seize the world! The world in our backyard, the world of animals, plants and people, and, when time and money permit, the fantastic destinations in the greater world.

Now retired, we have ramped up our travel schedule. We sold our big house, moved into a condo, and made travel a priority. We spend a lot of time crossing the US to visit family, but try for two special trips a year – one an active outdoor one, and one a splurge. We aim for affordable luxury (oxymoron?), looking for sales when possible, but giving in on the truly extraordinary trips occasionally.

I begin researching destinations and travel options when there’s even a hint that we might take a trip. I hope that my reading and organizing can spare you some of your pre-travel work!

IMG_4530-2Dave and Amy met in the fall of Amy’s first year of college and have been together ever since. They traveled with their three children as much as a tight budget would allow and, based on their kids’ activities as adults, instilled in their three children the love of travel. Now they have six grandchildren who they’re hoping to borrow for more family adventures around the world.

Dave has spent his career in business, traveling often and accruing some much appreciated hotel and airline points. In addition to these travel perks Dave has accumulated an impressive collection of guitars. No trip is complete until Dave has visited a local music store.

Amy is retired from a career in public libraries. She brings her love of research and reading to their trip planning. Amy is an avid birder and works with several environmental organizations.

Both enjoy cycling, photography, and are missing Cody, their cocker spaniel.Β 

Dave and Cody after a hike in Plymouth Massachusetts
Word to travel by! Graphic of globe with word clouds

Our Favorite Places:
Top 10s and Still to Do

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