Trips of a Lifetime

These are the Bucket List trips – the destinations we dream about. For some that might be Alaska, for others India. Our dreams are as individual as we are. Now is the time to turn those dreams into plans.

  • Make a list of all the places you’ve dreamed of going.
  • Cross out any that are unattainable, e.g., climbing Mt. Everest…
  • Set priorities. If you travel with a partner, each should set priorities separately and then discuss.
  • Estimate costs for the top priority trips.
  • Be honest about your abilities (your future abilities!) and your budget
  • Choose a trip that is within reach and satisfies all travelers priorities.
  • Pick a time frame based on how long it will take to budget for the trip, etc.
  • If budgeting will take an extended time, consider scheduling a lower priority, but less expensive trip, while you save.

Inspiration and advice for your trip of a lifetime.

Recommended Reading to Inspire Your Bucket List

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