Travel in Your 60s: once in a lifetime experiences

The 60s, the years just after retirement, are prime traveling years. If life’s been kind, you have the physical and economic resources to take Bucket List trips. But where to start? We asked some top travel bloggers for recommendations and put together an article with a dozen dream destinations to explore after retirment.

Egypt and Jordan: What to Pack

Traveling to Egypt or Jordan is a dream for many. Seeing the pyramids - the only Wonder of the Ancient World still standing. Cruising the Nile. Exploring the incredible, multicultural city of Cairo. There's so much culture and history to absorb! Then, if you're really lucky, you visit Kingdom of Jordan where you walk in … Continue reading Egypt and Jordan: What to Pack

Travel Books: Egypt and Jordan

Preparing for a trip to Egypt and Jordan involves learning about different cultures and digesting lots and lots of ancient history. A good guidebook or tour guide will fill in a lot of history, but a little reading beforehand will help. And how better to fill those long days waiting for your amazing trip, than to … Continue reading Travel Books: Egypt and Jordan

The Ultimate Trip of a Lifetime: Day by Day in Egypt & Jordan

"Is it safe to travel to Egypt and Jordan?" This was the question we heard over and over again when we shared our travel plans. And of course it was a concern for us. Jordan is a stable and safe country to visit, but Egypt is more troubled. But we've learned that life is short … Continue reading The Ultimate Trip of a Lifetime: Day by Day in Egypt & Jordan