Responsible Travel Begins at Home

People travel for many reasons - adventure, culture, education, wilderness. We do a bit of all these things, but focus our biggest trips on earth's treasures. This produces a conflict - we thrill to explore natural places and be in the presence of wild creatures, but the trips themselves cause damage to these same environments. … Continue reading Responsible Travel Begins at Home

Grandma Poppins, what to carry when you’re in charge of the kids

Whether you're on a flight or just around town, traveling with kids requires advance planning. Keep the children happy and you'll all enjoy the trip. But let them get bored... We are grandparents to five children and love taking them on trips or excursions. Sometimes it's just for fun, and sometimes it's an opportunity to … Continue reading Grandma Poppins, what to carry when you’re in charge of the kids

10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel is exhausting - our bodies are stressed by airplane germs, long days of touring and unusual foods. After falling sick on several of our adventures, we learned to be proactive. Some health challenges are impossible to avoid, but we've found a few simple ways to stay healthy and fit while traveling. The best defense … Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Capsule Travel Wardrobe for Woman Over 50

Instagram and Pinterest are filled with beautiful travel pictures - gorgeous young women in flowing gowns that coordinate with the scenery. We all want to look like these women, but the reality of travel, for us, more mature women, is not as glamorous as these images portray. Travel involves a lot of walking... and … Continue reading Capsule Travel Wardrobe for Woman Over 50

Lucky! Traveling As You Grow Older

Kelly, of, wrote an excellent piece recently- “You’re SO Lucky!” The Thing About Travel and Privilege in which she goes beyond her immediate resistance to really analyzing what advantages she’s had over others. Kelly’s first reaction is to object to the “lucky” label; to point out the sacrifices and hard work that goes into … Continue reading Lucky! Traveling As You Grow Older

Disneyworld with a Toddler

Our kids treated us to a long weekend in Disneyworld! They were traveling to Florida for a friend's wedding and decided to take their 18-month-old to meet her favorites, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We haven't visited theme parks since our children were little but were drawn to this trip to experience the wonder of Disney … Continue reading Disneyworld with a Toddler