Best binoculars for travel (and home!)

I'm a birder and a nature enthusiast and always travel with binoculars. Unfortunately I also enjoy photography and dislike checking luggage. So I'm left with the dilemma of what to bring - gear or clothing? Well I did the research and found the best binoculars for travelling - lightweight binoculars that combine great optics in … Continue reading Best binoculars for travel (and home!)

What to Pack for Safari – Cameras, Gear and Gadgets

An African safari adventure presents the ultimate packing challenge. This bucket list trip is a big investment in time and money. You will likely be on long overseas flights where you'll want entertainment and comfort items, and short flights on bush planes where your luggage weight and size is severely restricted. And there are no … Continue reading What to Pack for Safari – Cameras, Gear and Gadgets

Packing for an African Safari

Trunks are packed but not yet zipped. 🙂 We've laid out our safari clothes, removed all but the essential and STILL have too much to fit into a small duffel. The issue is that we're heading to safari camps as well as the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town in South Africa. The nights will be … Continue reading Packing for an African Safari