10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel is exhausting - our bodies are stressed by airplane germs, long days of touring and unusual foods. After falling sick on several of our adventures, we learned to be proactive. Some health challenges are impossible to avoid, but we've found a few simple ways to stay healthy and fit while traveling. The best defense … Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

10 Ideas to Bring Travel Joy to Your Home

Anticipating a trip - researching adventures, making plans, and reading about your destination - bring more pleasure than the trip itself!* The reality of travel - crowded flights, packing and unpacking, jet lag, etc. - can be less fun than the months of anticipation. But what about after the trip? Many people jump right back … Continue reading 10 Ideas to Bring Travel Joy to Your Home

Essentials for Surviving a Long Flight in Coach

A long flight is at once boring and exhausting. A First or Business Class seat allows you to stretch out, eat good food and generally use the time as a spa day. And you get a pretty little bag full of goodies - everything from breath mints to shoe polish! Unfortunately most of us walk … Continue reading Essentials for Surviving a Long Flight in Coach

Pack Lighter (and smarter) with Stylebook

Making a packing list is the tried-and-true way to ensure you have everything you need for your trip. But how many times have you brought home unworn clothes or found you'd left an essential wardrobe piece behind? I admit to being a packing nerd - constantly in search for the perfect bag and the ultimate … Continue reading Pack Lighter (and smarter) with Stylebook

A Day on Safari in Londolozi

5 a.m. - a knock on the door. You respond quickly or the knock gets louder. If you've organized yourself the previously evening you dress quickly. If not, you fumble around sleepily for clothes, sunglasses and cameras. No time or need for makeup or hair styling. 5:20 a.m, - a quick cup of coffee on … Continue reading A Day on Safari in Londolozi

Travel Books: Egypt and Jordan

Preparing for a trip to Egypt and Jordan involves learning about different cultures and digesting lots and lots of ancient history. A good guidebook or tour guide will fill in a lot of history, but a little reading beforehand will help. And how better to fill those long days waiting for your amazing trip, than to … Continue reading Travel Books: Egypt and Jordan

A Dream Journey – Jordan and Egypt 2012

DedicationWe leave the U.S. on a very sad note as we lost our beloved sister-in-law Marilyn last week. Marilyn was an inspiration to all of us, from her everyday good nature and fun, to her mighty battle against cancer.  She will be missed more than words can say. Flight mayhem Nothing like hearing that your … Continue reading A Dream Journey – Jordan and Egypt 2012