Favorites and Still to Do

The world is filled with such variety that is impossible to see it all. We each have to choose what’s important to us -what resonates with our interests. And what is within our reach – financially and physically. We know how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy active, (occasionally) luxury travel as we enter retirement years.

This is our list of ‘favorites’ and ‘still to dos’. Your list will be different.

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Our Favorite Trips:

Still to Do!

    • Alaska
    • Galapagos & Machu Picchu (booked!)
    • New Zealand
    • River Cruise in Europe
    • Southeast Asia
    • Tahiti


Our Favorite Parks & Wildlife Refuges

Looking forward to!

    • Denali National Park
    • Galápagos Islands

Our Top 10 UNESCO sites

On our List

    • Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    • Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, etc., Beijing, China
    • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    • Machu Picchu, Peru
    • Mont-Saint-Michel, France
    • Pitons, St. Lucia

Our Favorite Cities

Looking forward to exploring

  • Budapest
  • Kyoto
  • Prague
  • Singapore


Our Favorite Museums

  • 9/11 Museum, NYC
  • Acropolis Museum, Athens
  • Anne Frank House and Museum, Amsterdam
  • Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Field Museum, Chicago
  • Louvre, Paris
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  • Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • Smithsonian Museums, Washington
  • Vatican Museum, Vatican City

Hoping to Visit

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, Poland
  • Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Terracotta Warriors, China

Our Top 10 Favorite Travel Experiences

  • Beach days – relaxing is most enjoyable
  • Bike – exploring for a day or a week!
  • High Tea – in a special location
  • Music – finding local venues and guitar stores
  • Photography – take a photo tour or just have fun
  • Picnic – like a local
  • Sundowners – finding a special spot for our last evening
  • Theater – attending a special performance
  • Walking and wandering – getting lost is half the fun!
  • Wine Tours – vineyards are beautiful and wine is always a good idea

We are ready to try

    • River cruise – in Europe

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