The A List 2023- Must Have Travel Accessories & Top Experiences

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The A(my) List

“With age, comes wisdom.” Or at least, a lot of opportunities for travel mistakes. A quick tally shows I’ve traveled for pleasure over 310 days on 26 trips. That’s a lot of packing, unpacking, and reconsidering what I’ve packed. With all this practice, I’m sharing my honest opinions on must have travel accessories and trip experiences I have tried and recommend.

As always, I encourage you to use what you already own before buying new.

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The gear I carry for sustainable travel, nature travel, cruising, & packing help

The items below are some of my favorite tested and recommended items. I carry these on every trip. I’ve shared more ideas for travel accessories in my gift-giving guides.  60+ Best Travel Gifts and Top Ten Gifts for the Eco-friendly Traveler.

Sustainable Travel Gear

Items to Help You Be a More Responsible Traveler

Reusable Water Bottle

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Top Ten Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Travel Gear:
Nature Travel

My Go-To Gear to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Beach/Sun hat – I can roll this hat or flatten it for packing. Still looks great!

For great nature shots on your phone, try the spotting scope below!

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Travel Gear:

Make your cruise even more relaxing!

Travel tray for chargers, room key, etc. – item shown is from SeaBags.

Packing Gear

Items that make traveling light easier

Packing cubes – #1 of our must have travel accessories

Apple AirTag to track luggage

AirTag – pack in any bags you need to check.

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More Must Have Travel Accessories- Travel Technology and Clothing

Travel Technology

Gears, Gadgets, and Travel Apps

Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds – In addition to these high-end earbuds, I usually carry inexpensive headphones like these. They’re magnetic so don’t tangle!

Spotting Scope for taking great photos with your phone!

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The A List: Travel Experiences

Favorite tours and experiences at home and abroad

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Lodging: hotels, B&Bs, and lodges

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