Review: The OMG from Lo & Sons

I was thrilled to receive the OMG* as a Christmas gift. I’d been looking for a bag that would fit all my carry-on needs but would be fashionable enough to use as an, albeit large, handbag for day use and the occasional meeting. I chose the OMG because of its interior organization and clean lines. The price at $275 was high for the budget so we held off buying until there was a sale. When, a day after purchasing, a deeper discount was offered, we called Lo & Sons and were immediately reimbursed the difference. A+ for customer service.

The box from Lo & Sons arrived quickly and I was not able to resist opening it well before Christmas. I justified this by deciding to use it on our holiday travel to Chicago and Texas. The bag is gorgeous!  I picked the blue with gold accents and was very pleased with the appearance. The lining is a soft lavender, feminine yet sophisticated.

The OMG shines for its organization. There is a lightly padded divider for a 13” laptop, another pocket for a tablet, an inconspicuous zippered side pocket for shoes, and zipper pockets on both sides of the exterior. Best of all is the hidden zippered picket within one of the exterior pockets – the perfect place to keep your passport and tickets at hand but secure.  I doubt anyone would find this pocket if they weren’t told it was there!!

The zippers on the back of the bag can open top and bottom to slide over the handles of your luggage. I was excited about this feature and thus was disappointed when the bag wouldn’t hold securely to my narrow luggage handle and flopped around a bit. My only other critique is that the zippered compartments do not open as widely as I’d like. Neither issue would keep me from recommending the bag, however.

What I was able to fit in my OMG without the bag looking bulky was outstanding. And the fully loaded bag fit neatly under the airplane seat!

OMG by Lo & Sons

  1. Eagle Creek Specter Compression Bag
  2. Fossil phone wristlet, keys
  3. Kindle Paperwhite and iPad mini
  4. Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled
  5. Swarovski 8 x 30 CL binoculars
  6. Cocoon Grid-It and Anker portable charger
  7. clothing featuring David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shirt by J. Crew and Evolve top by Encircled
  8. Flats
  9. Lewis N Clark TSA bag for toiletries
  10. Vaultz bag for chargers, etc., and my pretty Gloria’s Pill Case for medications.

The bag was perfect for this trip. I was able to fit so much in the bag that I only needed one additional small carry-on for a full week of holiday celebrations. I ended up not carrying it much except on travel days but I anticipate adding my Darby Mack camera insert when city sightseeing on future trips. And I might even take it to the gym…

*OMG stands for Overnight Medium Gym bag, and I imagine you could use this as a gym bag but it’d definitely be the fanciest bag in the gym!

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2 thoughts on “Review: The OMG from Lo & Sons

  1. I am considering the OMG bag as a commuter bag to carry my laptop, notebook, book, smaller handbag, water bottle, possibly my lunch and computer charger. I’m worried that it would be TOO big – I know you used this for a different use, but any thoughts? I think most typical “laptop” bags would be too small to throw everything in. Would love your thoughts, thanks!

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