Rafting the Grand Canyon, a packing guide

Just when you think you've got carry-on packing down, you book a two week long rafting and camping adventure, and it's back to square one. We are traveling with a rafting company which saves us having to pack food and equipment, but we're still challenged with what to bring. We'll be on the river in … Continue reading Rafting the Grand Canyon, a packing guide

Egypt and Jordan: What to Pack

Traveling to Egypt or Jordan is a dream for many. Seeing the pyramids - the only Wonder of the Ancient World still standing. Cruising the Nile. Exploring the incredible, multicultural city of Cairo. There's so much culture and history to absorb! Then, if you're really lucky, you visit Kingdom of Jordan where you walk in … Continue reading Egypt and Jordan: What to Pack

Packing for Safari

We're off to Africa again! Visit Packing for our Second Safari - In a Carry-On to see what we're taking this time. Trunks are packed but not yet zipped. ๐Ÿ™‚ We've laid out our clothes, removed all but the essential and STILL have too much to fit into a small duffel. The issue is that … Continue reading Packing for Safari