Apps for Travel

Apps to Help You Plan Your Trip
TripAdvisor, Expedia, TripIt,

Getting Ready to Go!

Packing Apps

  • PackTM, Pack FREE – this app requires a bit of work, but if used consistantly, allows you to create your own list based on your own supplies and needs. – FREE or $

Apps to Take With You

  • Flight Tracker – FREE
  • Google Maps – FREE
  • Road Ahead – Find food, gas, etc. with this handy highway exit finder. Plug in the highway you’re on and the app will tell you what’s coming up. – FREE
  • SpeakEasy (French, Spanish, German Offline Phrasebook)
  • Star Walk – hold your device up to the sky to identify stars and constellations. – FREE for basic, $ for HD version
  • TripColor – share your trip through your photographs. The app will plot your location to produce a trip map. A simple social journalling app.  – FREE
  • Mobilytrip (travel journals, photobooks and city guides to download)
Interest Specific

Photography: lots and lots of options, but my favorites are…

  • Snapseed – simple to use photo editing app. – FREE
  • Instagram – still the go-to social photo-sharing network. Includes some basic editing option – FREE
  • EzyWatermark – add a custom watermark to your images before sharing them on social networks – $


  • BirdLog World – submit sightings to eBird from all around the globe.  $$
  • BirdEye – birding guide showing recent sightings submitted to eBird. You can search for a specific bird or use the app to keep a Life List $
  • Audubon Birds – The signature app for birding in the US. Use for bird identification, recent sightings, etc. Full color photographs and range maps aid in identification. $$$$

Trip Specific

African Safari:

  • Audubon African Wildlife – a good general guide of African birds, mammals and reptiles. Limited but probably good for a basic safari. $$
  • Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa – Guidebook for birding in Southern Africa. Range maps and sketches of over 900 species. In App purchases available. Expensive for what you get, but the be only game in town. $$$$
  • African Safari Tracker – animal and wildlife guide, works offline, keep track of your sightings and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Rhino sightings are not shared to prevent poachers from finding rhinos) $$$

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