Wardrobe Capsules

Five Boro Bike Tour 2015

Packing for a spring weekend in New York City can be challenging. The casual clothes of a New England librarian/birdwatcher/grandmother just don’t cut it in the Big City. So we need to step it up a notch while anticipating weather variables and planned activities.
This weekend, the first weekend in May, our planned activities included the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, a 40 mile ride through the streets and over the bridges of NYC. It was an amazing day. The tour starts at the tip of Manhattan  where we joined 32,000 other cyclists packed all bedecked with the TD helmet cover. It was quickly obvious that we should have packed something to adorn our helmets to make each other recognizable during the ride.New York Biking Weekend

Engagement Party in Texas

A quick trip to Dallas to celebrate a niece’s engagement and our parents’ move to Texas. We mixed nights of serious partying with days of unpacking and moving furniture.

Weekend Celebration

Cape Town – a modern cosmopolitan city

One bag packing was put to the test when we spent a few days in Cape Town, home to some of the finest restaurants in the world. Cape Town
The Peninsula and Simons Town, South Africa

New York City weekend

When you’re lucky enough to have a “home base” on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, you visit in the springtime when the flowers in Central Park are in bloom AND the Taste of the Upper West Side food festival is happening! Clothing is casual for picnics and walks but the crowd is in fun, party style under the tent.
New York Weekend
Okavango Delta, Botswana

On the Plane – comfortable yet classic

Choose cozy and versatile clothing for a long, overseas flight. There’s no need to wear something you’ll not wear again on the trip. Instead plan your outfit to maximize comfort and style.
On the plane-comfortable travel clothes

Out of Africa, Meryl Streep, safari day
African Safari Capsule

Be a Snowbird (if only for a week)

The winters in New England are long, so we try to get away for sunshine in February or March. It’s tough to remember that warm weather clothes look like when your home is buried in snow. More than once I’ve arrived in black – raincoat, sweaters, etc. – only to be struck by the year-round pastels of Florida and the Caribbean.Gasparilla Island 2014
Springtime in New York
Pack Light

Egypt journey

Chicago Weekend

Chicago Weekend


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